Short Football Bets

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football bets that are made with a short bankroll are almost always doomed to fail.

When a gambler is short this means that he has lost most of his NFL football betting bankroll and has very little remaining to wager with. This is the sports gambling equivalent of the poker player with a short stack of chips. Making football bets with a short bankroll is bad news.

Football bets don’t always have to be made with short bankrolls. There are ways to avoid having a short bankroll in NFL football betting. The best way to accomplish this is with stellar bankroll management and iron discipline when making football bets. Part of solid bankroll management is to impose loss limits for each day, week, and month from the NFL football betting bankroll. That is a great way to impose self discipline and protect your bankroll from depletion during the tough times that everyone will go through when making football bets. Without loss limits set up, the potential is there for tilt/chasing and a situation where you will be lucky to end up short, as you will be far more likely to end up broke making football bets.

Another money management technique to prevent going short is to be as selective as possible and to toss out any games that are even remotely not up to standard in NFL football betting. It is the same principle that applies to poker, which is that less is more. The more games/hands that you play, the lower your percentages, value, and success rate.

Another solid plan to avoid ending up short is to simply not make too many football bets. You don’t have to play every televised game and be betting big money on ten-team parlays when making football bets. Any of your football bets should be for the express purpose of winning and you should always strive to achieve the highest possible odds and value.

When you do end up short, the most important thing to not lose is your mind/emotion/discipline, as that is the trap that most people making football bets fall into. When you are short on bankroll you must come up large as a gambler and avoid needless risk when making football bets.

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