Seahawks Take on 49ers on Thanksgiving

November 28, 2014 NFL Football

49ers player tackling Rams player catching footballRight after Thanksgiving dinner, NFL football betting fans will sit in front of the TV and enjoy tonight’s game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Seattle Seahawks. This promises to be a very exciting game indeed.

The Seahawks and the Niners have a fiery rivalry that tonight will see another chapter. To add more fuel to the fire, this game has playoff implications and both teams know that whomever loses this game tonight faces possible elimination. Winning this game will boost either team as they fight to earn the Wild-Card spot. Currently Arizona holds a two game lead on both Seahawks and 49ers, so this game is vital for both teams.

Although it happened last January, NFL football betting fans still have fresh in their memories the last time these two teams met. It was the NFC Championship game.

That heated game. A game that in pop culture terms is more remembered by the post-game interview by Richard Sherman. It is safe to say that San Francisco has been dreaming about getting revenge ever since that game. Tonight will be a great opportunity to do so, they are at home, and you can bet that their fans will be extra loud for this game.

We believe that tonight’s game is going to be a clash that will put both teams to the test. Seattle has the tough mission to face a great rushing defense and an offense commanded by Colin Kaepernick who should step his game up tonight if the Niners want to be true contenders for the NFC.

The Seahawks, on the other hand, have to go to that World Champions mentality that has been on and off this season. NFL football betting fans should know that this game is as evenly matched as anybody could hope for, it will come down to the last quarter and we believe that the 49ers will edge it out this time by the slightest difference.

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