Saints Have Tough Road to Repeat as NFL Betting Champs

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

For the first time in the franchise’s history the Saints hoisted the Lombardi Trophy after an outstanding win in the Super Bowl betting competition.

And even though that amazing sports betting victory occurred just several month ago on the calendar, in NFL time that was an eternity ago and the champs won’t be able to rest on their football betting laurels in the season ahead.

In fact, as good as this team is, it’s an almost forgone conclusion that the Saints will not win the super betting contest in 2011.  It’s not that this New Orleans squad has dropped off or lost huge amounts of talent or simply gotten worse overnight, it’s simply that winning back to back Super Bowls in the free agent era is next to impossible.

There have been plenty of terrific teams in the NFL betting that have won a Super Bowl trophy one season, gotten even better in the off season and still fallen short.  In the past two decades only two teams have repeated as champs: the New England Patriots and the Dallas Cowboys.  And those two teams will go down among the greatest football betting dynasties in NFL history.

The Saints are good, but they’re nowhere near those other teams in terms of talent.

Much of what makes it so difficult to repeat as NFL betting champions is beyond the team’s control as well.  So much of being successful in the NFL has to do with being healthy.  God forbid Drew Brees gets injured in the upcoming NFL betting season.  Without Brees this squad wouldn’t even make the NFL playoff betting competition.

Luck is also a very important component of making the Super Bowl betting competition as well.  Last year the Saints got all the breaks and the ball bounced the right way.  That’s not likely to happen again in the 2010 NFL betting season.

And one of the added drawbacks of being the Super Bowl betting champion is the fact that you’ve got a giant bull’s eye on your back.  Aside from the team’s schedule being more difficult, the teams that Saints face will bring their A-game every Sunday as they’ll want to beat the best.

Don’t bet on the Saints repeating as NFL champs.

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