Researching Super Bowl Odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Super Bowl odds can actually be researched before your start wagering on them.

You may not know everything about Super Bowl betting but you can learn a great deal by doing some research.

Super Bowl odds have a lot of history attached to them. The last 27 years really have a lot of history to them in regards to Super Bowl betting since it has only been since 1982 where totals were really tracked in Super Bowl odds. As you research Super Bowl odds you will find different trends and facts that apply to this year’s game. You might find that playing the money line is a good way to go. Many gamblers forget all about the money line in Super Bowl odds. As a reminder, the money line in Super Bowl odds is where you lay or receive extra money instead of playing the pointspread. For example, you might have a team laying 7 points and they would be -320 on the money line. You will notice with Super Bowl betting money lines that unlike the regular season, the money lines are tilted toward the underdog. Rarely will the public look to bet on the favorite in Super Bowl betting money lines.

As you look at Super Bowl odds remember to do some research. Examine the Super Bowl odds and look at which way they are moving, if at all. Line moves don’t guarantee you a win but they could tell you which way the public is likely to bet. Normally the public bets the favorites in Super Bowl odds although last year the majority of bettors took the Giants. Super Bowl odds don’t change as much as regular season odds but you still might be able to pick up a few things.

If you don’t like the side or the total in Super Bowl odds you might want to consider the prop bets. These are the bets that are made on things like most fumbles, longest field goal, first team to score, etc. Props are great ways to stay in action all game long versus the Super Bowl odds.

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