Reading NFL Betting Lines

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting lines for many people are nothing more than numbers that are the price they must pay to wager on a side, total, etc.

To the sophisticated gambler though, the NFL betting spread is a language all its own, with hidden meanings in which the true value is within. NFL betting lines should be read by examining a few key factors. Let’s examine the components that go into the NFL betting spread. In professional football, the standard that is given for home field is three points, but the true NFL betting price for home field will often be greater or lesser, depending on the team, venue, and intangibles.

For example, the New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers will command more than three points when they are at home, especially against weaker opposition. The Arizona Cardinals and Detroit Lions, on the other hand, will hardly merit any points at all on the NFL betting pointspread for home field. When you get involved in NFL betting, keep in mind that in professional football the home team is often overvalued. That is because of the public’s incorrect assessment of the importance of home field in NFL betting.

Another factor to look at is a team’s reputation. Does a team have a strong reputation amongst those who wager against the NFL betting spread or is it a team that faces frequent opposition? Many teams that have been successful for a number of years, or even weeks, will see their price go up in NFL betting and, as a result, the value is depleted. Popular teams like Dallas and New England will almost always attract NFL betting attention.

When you look at the NFL betting odds don’t look at them from a straight up perspective. Look at them from an oddsmaker’s perspective and try and see it from their eyes. If you can look at NFL betting from a sportsbook’s eyes then you have a much better chance of trying to find the right side of the game.

Learning to read the NFL betting lines is as much of an art for as it is a technical exercise. Look at them from the eyes of those who make the NFL betting spread and your chances of winning money will be greater.

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