Reaching with Football Bets

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football bets made without using common sense are football bets that usually lose money.

Two of the most common phrases that you will hear from gamblers in football betting are “Why did I do that” and “What was I thinking.” And yet the same mistakes that led gamblers down that path of regret with football bets are made over and over again each week in football betting.

Football bets made by overreaching on possible surprise teams usually lose money. Teams such as the Arizona Cardinals, New York Jets, and Detroit Lions often get sold as something that they are not and it’s important to make sure these teams prove themselves before you step out blindly on them.  The same thing happens in college football as gamblers get all excited about a potential surprise team when making football bets. The same thing holds true in opposing good teams. It has become an annual rite of passage to second guess strong teams in football betting.  Very often that doesn’t work very well when making football bets.

Another common and major mistake made by gamblers making football bets is to take one intangible, such as an injury, the weather, a media angle, etc and to just run with it entirely based on just that one angle, without regard to the complete handicapping picture as a whole. Chances are if that angle is so valuable, it wouldn’t have been so obvious too you. Keep in mind that the oddsmakers know about these angles as well as the gambling public’s likely reaction to them when making football bets.

Too many gamblers end up getting burned by whatever the “flavor of the week” is in football betting. The popular media spin or angle will offer no board value in the end because the oddsmakers will be fully aware of that and adjust their lines accordingly to meet that extra money laid out by the gambling public making football bets. If it is trendy or “chic this week” it’s likely not to be the “real deal.”

If you want to win money making football bets you should avoid getting too fancy.  Don’t overreach with teams when making football bets. Keeping things simple when making football bets is never a bad idea.

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