Re-Up Bonuses in Online Football Betting

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Online football betting enthusiasts prefer online NFL betting, as opposed to other forms of NFL betting, partly because of the amazing bonuses that internet sportsbooks provide.

When evaluating different potential sportsbooks, most online football betting fans pay most attention to a sportsbook’s signup bonus, while overlooking some of the other bonuses. However, online NFL betting fans should always pay attention to re-up bonuses because in the long-run they can end up being even more important than signup bonuses.

Online football betting fans can now enjoy bonuses at essentially every internet sportsbook. Most sportsbooks offer signup bonuses, re-up bonuses, buddy referral bonuses, and loyalty programs, all of which can be very beneficial to one’s online NFL betting. Sportsbooks tend to primarily tout their signup bonuses when advertising to potential online football betting clients. Consequently, online football betting fans tend to think mostly about signup bonuses when choosing a sportsbook. In fact, some online football betting fans will even simply signup with whichever sportsbook offers the highest signup bonus.

Nevertheless, a signup bonus is only enjoyed once, while a re-up bonus (the bonus one receives when making subsequent deposits) may be enjoyed numerous times. Most online football betting enthusiasts find that they will make numerous deposits with an internet sportsbook over the course of a few years. Even online NFL betting fans who consistently win money when online football betting often withdraw their funds at the end of the online football betting season and then re-up again when a new season begins. These online football betting enthusiasts, therefore, end up receiving at least one re-up bonus every year. Many sportsbooks for online football betting flaunt large signup bonuses but then offer far less attractive re-up bonuses. These sportsbooks know that online football betting fans will rarely pay attention to the re-up bonus before signing up. However, once you realize how important a sportsbook re-up bonus is, you will be better prepared to evaluate a sportsbook’s bonus package. Signup bonuses certainly are important, but re-up bonuses are arguably even more important when you select a home for your online football betting. Therefore, do not be enticed by flashy banners advertising huge sign-up bonuses without checking the re-up bonuses offered. If you find a sportsbook with a good reputation that also provides both excellent sign-up and re-up bonuses then you can be confident that you have found a nice online football betting destination.

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