Quarterbacks Impact Football Bets

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football bets are probably impacted more by quarterbacks than by any other players.

There is no man on the various fields of play that is under more scrutiny than the quarterback. And this goes not just from the fans of the game but also from the media and, or course, the football betting public. There are a lot of factors to take into account when looking over the quarterbacks as you make football bets this season.

Football bets made on teams without a good quarterback are risky. A team with a good quarterback is rarely out of a game, and even less rarely beat on the football betting boards. Many football bets have been lost by “backdoor” covers engineered by excellent quarterbacks who tried to rally their teams, even in defeat, and who ended up getting the cash in the process. Just as there are some quarterbacks that you just don’t want to lay points too, there are also quarterbacks that you don’t ever want to have money on when making football bets as they are turnover and interception prone. Just think of the games that you have lost in football bets over the years because of mistake and turnover prone quarterbacks. By the same token it’s never a bad idea to consider going against a team with a weak quarterback when making football bets as they will often “gift wrap” games and hand you the money in football betting.

At their best, a quarterback such as Tom Brady of the New England Patriots or Peyton Manning of the Indianapolis Colts prove to be a steady hand for gamblers making football bets, and since steadiness is so difficult to find they are highly attractive alternatives to the norm.

While many football bets will be decided by a multitude of reasons, a gambler can never lose sight of the importance of a quarterback on the influence of his football betting wagers.  Take a look at the quarterbacks before you make your football bets this year. Keep this in mind as you make your football bets this season.

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