Pro Football Wagering Mistakes

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Pro football wagering mistakes oftentimes determine which gamblers win money and which ones lose money in football betting.

Just as it is important for a gambler to know what to do as far as finding success at pro football wagering it is just as important to know what not to do when wagering on the NFL.

Pro football wagering is all about finding value and avoiding mistakes. Added value is simply getting a better deal than you should from the pro football wagering. It means laying fewer points than you should on favorites, getting more points than you should from dogs, betting unders on totals that are higher than merited and betting overs on totals that are lower than merited. If you always bet on games with added value, you will gain back that ten-percent “vig” house edge in football betting.

Another key element to success at pro football wagering is to simply never follow what the masses are doing. You cannot win by betting with the crowd because there will never be any value in doing that. When the crowd all goes one way, so does the football betting line, and you will more often get less value and add to the house edge and your disadvantage with the pro football wagering odds. The most common wager made by the pro football wagering masses is on power home favorites, especially against weaker competition. The masses handicap pro football from a “straight up” rather than pointspread mentality and if they cannot see a power home team losing, they will make the lay regardless of the number. The pro football wagering oddsmakers are fully aware of the public’s preference for power home chalks and jack up the football lines accordingly, making the dog an added value play.

You cannot do the obvious and expect to succeed at pro football wagering, because that is what the masses are doing, betting the obvious. And always remember that what is obvious to the masses is obvious to the oddsmakers, who will exploit what is obvious by making it into an overlay on the board.

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