Pro Football Wagering keys

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Pro football wagering can be profitable if you know what to do and what not to do.

When preparing for the pro football betting season it is important to develop not only a solid methodology but also take into account the factors to look for, (and against), when analyzing the pro football wagering board.

Pro football wagering involves many different factors. First, solid defensive teams are usually a smart way to bet. You will find that the league leaders in team defense over the years are, more often than not, also the leaders in profits against the pro football wagering lines. There is nothing more frustrating, in fact, than having money on a poor defensive team that is virtually helpless at stopping the opposition. Laying points with a weak defensive team is usually a bad football betting value because, more often than not, they cannot slam that back door shut and allow their opponents late scores that decide the wager.

Teams with good special teams are another solid bet in pro football wagering. Teams with good special teams are teams that are well coached and likely solid at other aspects of the game as well. How many times has a game and wager been decided on a huge play from the kicking game such as a blocked punt or field goal, a huge return, a well executed fake, a last second field goal, etc?

It never hurts to bet on a team with a top shelf quarterback in pro football wagering.  It is always nice to know that your quarterback and lead you to the winning football betting pointspread cover. Teams with an excellent quarterback are never out of a game and can often sneak through the back door for late covers, even in defeat. Good quarterbacks are often a key element to a live pro football wagering underdog.

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