Pro Football Playoffs Inside Information

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Pro football playoffs action is an exciting time for gamblers around the world.

As you consider the pro football playoffs you should know that oftentimes people will talk about “inside information.” Does inside information actually exist in the football playoffs and can you make use of it to make more money in the pro football playoffs?

Pro football playoffs action is so popular that the games are extensively covered by the media. The bottom line on inside information during the pro football playoffs is that it does not exist. For every time you hear someone claim to have it, there are hundreds or thousands of times when it does not exist. The big thing to remember about inside information in the pro football playoffs is that if it was really so valuable, people wouldn’t tell you about it. In football betting many people claim to have this great information and sell it as part of their picks. The real truth is that the information is readily available anywhere and true inside information rarely exists in the pro football playoffs.

Most handicappers and touts on the Internet that advertise picks in the pro football playoffs don’t win. Many of the advertising gimmicks come with the claim of inside information but it is a flat out lie. Information that is available in newspapers or on Internet sites for the pro football playoffs is not inside information. The term really should apply to something like a team having an illness on game day or a star player that is truly hurt but is still going to play. The bottom line on situations like these is that the information is not going to get out to anyone in the football playoffs. The last thing a team wants is for the opponent to find out that type of information in the pro football playoffs.

Many handicappers offer guarantees in regards to their picks but the reality is that the guarantee doesn’t do you much good if the plays lose in the pro football playoffs. And the bottom line with picks for most services is that they don’t win in the football playoffs. When it comes to inside information and guaranteed picks about the only sure thing is that they are more bark than bite in the football playoffs. Everywhere you look in newspapers and on the Internet you find more ridiculous claims of games that can’t lose and information that is secret and important.  There are very few times in sports where there truly is inside information.

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