Pro Football Betting Steps

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Pro football betting is definitely more successful if you understand what to do. There are specific steps you should take with your NFL betting. Let’s take a look at each of these.

Pro football betting has to begin with a bankroll. Without money you can’t win at NFL betting. Once you have a bankroll you can look at a money management strategy for your pro football betting. After establishing a bankroll and a money management plan, we next need to pick winners.

The first place many football bettors when handicapping the games is to the matchup section that many newspapers or websites produce for pro football betting.

Matchups have statistics like past history, current offensive and defensive stats, etc. You can also look at the opening pro football betting line and the line movement throughout the week on the game. You can also look at the ATS history for both teams in pro football betting. That is not enough though. Some people use sports services or handicappers to help them. The good news is that some handicappers win, but the problem is that many do not. Be very careful about using a sports service in NFL betting.

Another thing to consider in pro football betting is totals. The big college football marquee games almost always have totals posted on them, and we know that every NFL game has a total attached to it. Most people like to see points scored and that means they bet the over in NFL betting. You can oftentimes find value on totals in pro football betting by betting the under.

In addition to looking at totals in pro football betting you also need to consider taking the underdog. The NFL is such a public sport that the favorites just get pounded with money. Usually the dogs are decent bets in pro football betting. You will always have the occasional year when favorites do well, but usually underdogs are decent bets in pro football betting.

The major factors needed to win when betting NFL action are bankroll, money management, handicapping, and the discipline to make the right decisions in each of those areas. Keep these steps in mind this season.

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