Pro Football Betting: Preseason Position Battles

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Pro football betting on the preseason involves unique handicapping because teams aren’t really motivated to win the football betting online match ups.

Pro football betting analysts often find football betting online during the preseason to be particularly difficult because it is hard to predict how hard players will perform. However, every year nearly each team hosts several position battles throughout training camps and the preseason that pro football betting enthusiasts should be knowledgeable of. These battles are very relevant to football betting online because you can be confident that the players involved in such battles will play especially hard in preseason pro football betting match ups.

Starters often play only minimal minutes and do not always necessarily exert all of their effort. When football betting online you must therefore determine which teams and players are most likely to play hard and perform well in the pro football betting match ups. Because preseason pro football betting is influenced by such unique factors, you will often find pro football betting odds with teams favored over opponents that are actually more talented.

Nevertheless, the position battles that occur in training camps provide very accurate indicators of which players will be playing hard throughout the preseason. For example, a quarterback like Peyton Manning or Tom Brady, who is in undisputed possession of the starting role, has little reason to play much of the preseason or try particularly hard. Therefore, as you handicap the pro football betting odds you should not expect the same type of performances from such players that you would during regular season pro football betting match ups.

Then again, if a team has two quarterbacks in a competition for the starting role then both will likely give their all during the preseason. The two quarterbacks will probably split playing time during preseason pro football betting match ups and each one will be trying to outdo the other. Even though neither of them is probably very good, which is why the team needs the quarterback competition, both will quite possibly perform even better than the league’s elite quarterbacks during the preseason. Also, such competitions are in no way restricted to quarterbacks, as they can involve any possible position on the team. Therefore, your preseason football betting online should more often than not be impacted by teams’ position competitions. By knowing which players are likely to perform hard during the preseason you will undoubtedly be better prepared to handicap the pro football betting spreads.

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