Pro Football Betting Angles

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

You might discover with your football betting that you only look at underdogs. This can work well in NFL betting because most gamblers bet the favorite.

Football betting on NFL games is full of different angles and trends that people like to use to pick games. Many gamblers look strictly at offense when getting involved in NFL betting but oftentimes it is the defense that wins games. The football betting graveyard is full of bankrolls that were foolishly wagered on offensive teams that lacked a defense to protect their scoring.

Football betting is exciting because of the offense. The Indianapolis Colts of recent seasons are a great example of a team that let an explosive offense go to waste because of a lack of defense. When they finally got a defense they ended up a Super Bowl winner and rewarded football betting gamblers. Defense can be a football betting gambler’s best friend. Think of the Baltimore Ravens when they won a Super Bowl with a great defense and a weak offense. Looking at defensive statistics can be a good way to consider NFL betting. What about special teams angles in NFL betting? Sometimes kicking wins championships. Look at the New England Patriots who have won a couple of Super Bowls based on clutch field goal kicking.

Football betting angles can involve more than just the obvious matchup statistics. In addition to look at football betting angles like defense and special teams, why not consider pointspread angles? You can look at specific home/away pointspread numbers that go beyond the basic matchup statistics in football betting. Some teams are just great at home in football betting but struggle on the road and vice versa. There are a number of great angles in football betting that are not always followed because they require a little bit of work. Take the time to research the matchups and trends when you examine the football odds. If you are willing to take the underdog you will get extra value and possibly end up with more winners this season.

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