Pro and College Football Online Gambling

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football online gambling is very popular with gamblers around the world but you should realize there is quite a difference between pro and college football betting.

Football online gambling is more popular with the NFL but college football gets a lot of football betting action as well.

The National Football League has 32 teams compared to about 120 in college football. While there are, at most, 16 pro football games on the football online gambling board each week there are around 50 college football games on the football online gambling board. With these vastly different numbers on the amount of teams and games, the football online gambling dynamic is quite different between pro and college football as is the methodology.

Two advantages that pro football has in its reign as the number one sport in the United States is that fact that it is a Sunday oriented league and with just 32 teams it is very easy to follow and track for football betting players. The football online gambling dynamics also fit into this as most people are off and watching pro football on Sunday, and many football betting gamblers find it easier to wager on pro football teams and games that they know something about compared to a lot of college football teams and games in which there is not a lot of familiarity.

In pro football, especially now in the Internet age, it is very easy for even a part time gambler to get all of the information he wants and needs on all of the teams on the football online gambling board.

On the flip side of this, professionals in football online gambling will tell you that it is easier to find weak lines in college football and that trends and information stands up better than it does in the pros. Pro football has a lot of ignorant football online gambling money in it as many people simply follow the crowd and bet with the information that they get off the Internet. College football, with so many teams operating in virtual stealth, can often spring better football online gambling value.

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