Pro and College Football Gambling Differences

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football gambling is different on college and pro football.

If you are a regular football gambling bettor then you should already know that NFL gambling is different than college football gambling. It seems on the surface that both sports are similar and that handicapping them should be done the same way, but that is not the case at all.

Football gambling in the NFL involves far less teams but can very often be more complex. College football has 120 teams that are on the football gambling board, while the NFL has just 32. That would seem to indicate that NFL gambling should be easier, but it oftentimes is not. College football gambling has a lot more games to look at and it also has different betting characteristics. College football is a much more emotional game where every single game can mean the season, while NFL football is more professional and where a loss doesn’t eliminate you from the title chase.

What happens with college football gambling is that there are going to be more blowouts. The blowout factor rarely occurs in NFL gambling because the league is full of parity. There is definitely a greater talent discrepancy between college football teams than is the case in the NFL. That leads to larger pointspreads and to larger margins of victory. College football gambling odds will routinely have favorites of 30 points or more while NFL gambling odds rarely have games over double-digits.

College football is also different in terms of strategy. If you are a handicapper you will notice that in the NFL you look at pointspread value and situational handicapping. College football gambling involves more matchups and fundamentals because sometimes teams are just overmatched. Some college teams will run the ball nearly every play and that can also make for some interesting handicapping angles. Other college teams will tend to throw the ball all the time. It really comes down to college teams having more diverse personalities than NFL teams. NFL teams pretty much run the same offenses and your handicapping is done from a similar base.

If you are successful at college football gambling it does not mean you will have the same success with NFL betting. You must realize that the sports need to be handicapped differently and that your football gambling must be done differently.

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