Pro Bowl Odds: Why the NFC Will Win

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Pro Bowl odds are often the most difficult in all of football to try and dissect.

When the players arrive in Honolulu for the Pro Bowl betting competition, most of them have never even played together until they meet up for the Pro Bowl odds game. With only a week to try and come together as a team, the Pro Bowl odds can become very unpredictable, but this year if the NFC is going to win the Pro Bowl betting there are few things that must go there way.

Pro Bowl odds picks are often based on personnel and the team with the best personnel is often favored in the Pro Bowl odds as there really isn’t much of a team dynamic to speak. But this year, as stated in numerous Pro Bowl info sources, the NFC have the closest thing to continuity that the Pro Bowl odds makers have seen in a while. The starting offense for the NFC Pro Bowl betting team will include QB Kurt Warner and WRs Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald. In an all star game like the Pro Bowl odds match up, this is an enormous advantage. When you factor in the Pro Bowl betting game rules which provide the offense with not only protection but a huge advantage, the NFC squad should be able to put up some points. This will be the key match up as the AFC Pro Bowl odds defense is awfully good and this battle, the three Cards versus the AFC’s outstanding defense, will likely decide the winner of the Pro Bowl betting. When you add the best running back in the game to this mix, Adrian Peterson of Minnesota, you’ve got to like the NFC’s Pro Bowl odds chances.

The NFC’s defense will be led by stand out D-coordinator Jim Johnson which has a good shot at shutting down the AFC attack. Granted Peyton Manning is as comfortable in the Pro Bowl odds games as perhaps anyone in the history of the game, but if Johnson puts together one of his typically strong game plans, it could tilt the Pro Bowl odds in their favor.

The coaching front in general seems to favor the NFC as Raven’s rookie coach John Harbaugh will be making his first trip ever to the Pro Bowl odds game, whereas as grizzled veteran Andy Reid will be making his fourth trip to the Pro Bowl. No big secret who has the coaching experience edge in the Pro Bowl odds.

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