Pro Bowl betting 2009 NFL or AFC

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Pro Bowl betting handicapping is never an easy gig.

There are so many factors involved in the Pro Bowl odds that aren’t present when handicapping the regular season and playoff games that the Pro Bowl betting can seem like a giant crap shoot at times.

But when you take time to examine the rosters and coaching staffs of both of the teams in the Pro Bowl odds, there are certain conclusions that can be drawn.

Pro Bowl betting fans will be getting to see the finest players in the game in action during the 2009 edition of the Pro Bowl odds. The best from the AFC and the best from the NFC will go head to head in a game that doesn’t mean all that much to either side –although no one wants to lose the Pro Bowl betting competition. On average, the AFC and the NFC have been as balanced this year as they’ve been in years and so little information from the regular season performances can be applied to the Pro Bowl betting this year.

When one examines the Pro Bowl betting rosters the one thing that perhaps sticks out the most is the relative continuity of the NFC Pro Bowl betting starting offense. QB Kurt Warner of the Super Bowl bound Arizona Cardinals will be in the Pro Bowl odds starting line up and throwing to his teammates WR Anquan Boldin and WR Larry Fitzgerald, which could count for an awful lot in a Pro Bowl betting match up where parity abounds. Even a small advantage is magnified in the Pro Bowl betting as both sides are über-talented.

But that may not be enough to turn the Pro Bowl betting tide in the NFC’s favor. Remember that the coaches of the teams that lose in the conference championship games coach the Pro Bowl betting teams and that means that the NFC will go against the brain trust of the Raven’s suffocating defense –not a pretty proposition, even if it’s only the Pro Bowl betting competition.

With the talent-laden AFC defense headlined by the NFL’s Defensive Player of the Year, the Steelers James Harrison, being directed by a strong defensive coaching staff, the nod has to go to the AFC in terms of being the Pro Bowl betting favorite. Plus, the defense always has the advantage in all star games where the offenses aren’t always on the same page and so you’ve got to like the AFC’s chances in this year’s Pro Bowl betting.

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