Preseason Football Odds Totals

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Wagering against preseason football odds is different than betting regular season odds NFL.

Football odds start appearing on the sportsbook board in August with preseason NFL action. When it comes to betting football odds a lot of gamblers look more at sides than totals, especially in odds NFL preseason action.Is there some value in playing totals in preseason football odds though?

Football odds in the first week of the preseason are a feeling out process for gamblers and oddsmakers. Many teams are getting adjusted to the preseason and scoring could be low that first week. You also want to remember that the starters for each team get more playing time each week, culminating with week #3 where most teams play their starters three quarters or more. This applies to both sides and totals in odds NFL action. Information and quarterback rotations are critical to success as you bet preseason football odds. If you are betting a preseason game to go over the total you definitely want strong quarterback rotations for both sides. If you like a game to go under, you might be better off with rookie quarterbacks playing the majority of the game. All of this information is available in local newspapers before the game. It can give you a definite edge when you are wagering against football odds in the preseason. You may also find out information about what strategies the teams will use and which team is more motivated. Many coaches don’t want to show much in certain games. Sometimes the teams will be playing again in the regular season and neither team wants to show their hand. That would be a good situation to take the game under in football odds action. Another situation in football odds might see a former coach going against his old team. You might want to look at a higher scoring game since both teams already will have an idea of what each other will do, and neither will hold much back.

Also keep in mind with football odds during the preseason that line movement can be volatile, even on totals. It is not unusual to see a movement of a point or two on the totals in preseason football odds. That type of movement is very rare during the regular season when the numbers are more solid. Preseason is a time for the bettor, not the sportsbook, so keep that in mind as you bet odds NFL action.

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