Power Home Favorites in NFL Betting

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Rarely does the power team offer any value in NFL betting so keep that in mind when doing your NFL football betting this season.

NFL betting home favorites are very popular with gamblers. Gamblers love taking power teams at home, regardless of the points in NFL football betting. Are these power home favorites profitable in NFL betting?

NFL betting favorites are not the best way to go if you want to make money in NFL football betting. Such plays against the NFL betting lines are popular because it fits the masses three main criteria for their comfort zone but they are not profitable. The masses prefer wagering on favorites in NFL betting because they believe, (often incorrectly), that the favorite is always the better team. The masses also believe in the home field advantage. Again, this belief is not always well founded, but the reality of the public demand for home teams is reflected on the NFL betting lines as they are often overlays. The masses also hate to bet on a bad team in NFL betting.

When you combine these factors you have an easy sucker bet for the masses. Obviously the power team should be favored over a losing team in NFL football betting but often by not as much as posted on the lines board. Keep in mind though that a power home team will beat a losing team and cover the spread some times. Many times though they will win the game and not cover the NFL betting pointspread. Ultimately, the masses will bet such matchups on a “straight up” rather than pointspread basis. They will see a matchup such as the Chargers at home against the Oakland Raiders and flock towards the Chargers, without really considering the NFL betting board value.

Such matchups and plays against the NFL betting lines are an easy read for the oddsmakers, who make them overlays as a result and usually bad bets. You may be very tempted to take the power home favorite in NFL betting but you better understand what you are getting into.

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