Post-Super Bowl NFL Power Rankings for 2015

February 4, 2015 NFL Football

NFL logo painted on football fieldNow with Super Bowl XLIX out of the way, the NFL Power Rankings for 2015 naturally have the New England Patriots ruling. Those that bet on NFL football at an online sportsbook now have some six months to anticipate the games that will be on Thursday nights, Sundays and Monday night football and everybody now has the same feeling as the 2014 season ended.

So what’s next you ask, well looking at the calendar in just two weeks comes the NFL Combine that takes place in Indianapolis, Indiana. Too many, the NFL is becoming a business that goes year round, and the media seems to keep in the new on a regular basis.

Despite the many negative issues we see from the media, the sport remains the leader as fans just want to watch football games. The overall ratings for Super Bowl 49 this past Sunday had to be the best yet, as the Patriots of New England won the game 28-24 in a dramatic victory beating the Seahawks of Seattle, and a game that held the fans attention until the game ended.

This win for the New England Patriots was the fourth Super Bowl title won in this era by Coach Belichick and QB Brady, making this duo of player/coach possibly the best in NFL history for the combo’s. Now that QB Brady will celebrate his 58th birthday in 2015, we have no reason to believe his career is over.

The Power Rankings to start 2015 starts with the Patriots in the Top Position, as they earned that as they rallied and beat the Seahawks, and now the question is how long will they remain No.1 as the season gets underway? So as we jump into this ranking, the NFL draft is coming, the combine weeks away and Super Bowl 50 is just 1 year done the road. Thus the Power Rankings in this article will include the Top Ten teams for 2015:

No. 1 is the New England Patriots with their QB Brady positioning himself as the NFL’s best QB for the era’s of Super Bowls. With their upcoming young and talent defense, they should in 2015 be a contender for the Super Bowl 50.

No. 2 the Seahawks of Seattle who more than likely will be playing with one of the highest paid QB’s in the NFL, going from the bottom to top in Salary in one season, and how that will affect the rest of the team remains to be seen.

No. 3 is the Packers of Green Bay whose dramatic loss to Seattle with is with them for some time. But as long as they have QB Rodgers (the 2014 NFL MVP) throwing the ball they will remain a contender in 2015.

No. 4 the Cowboys of Dallas displayed a great, and very physical offense with QB in Romo, who is better than many critics give him credit for. They need to strive on defensive improvement.

No. 5 Broncos of Denver, now with a new coach Kubiak, and the question at the moment are will Peyton return or will they have a new QB also. If he doesn’t, on the next rating they will drop way down in the rankings.

No. 6 is the Cardinals of Arizona who presuming the QB Palmer returns, the team will challenge Seattle for the title in their division, who also have the 2014 Coach of Year Arians, who also has a team that talent wise, is loaded.

No. 7 Ravens of Baltimore lost OC Kubiak to Denver and will that effects their improvements offensively they had in 2014? They still need to improve in the defensive secondary in 2015.

No. 8 are the Steelers of Pittsburgh will have a change in defensively as co-coordinator LeBeau left, and now Butler is in charge, but still need improvement on the defensive side.

No. 9 Colts of Indianapolis who made it to the playoffs, only because their QB Luck could cover a lot of area, they also need defensive improvements.

No. 10 the Lions of Detroit have a very talent QB and team member, and now have a huge decision regarding Suh, will they let him walk away as his contract expires, not if you here the desire if the Detroit management, but time will tell real soon.

Now that we have briefly stated the Power Rankings to start the 2015 season on the top ten teams, remember that in the next rankings that all can change, depending on recent happenings!

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