Plans for Betting on NFL Football

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Make a plan for betting on NFL football before the season begins and you will have a much better chance to win money when this NFL betting season.

Betting on NFL football plans should include more than just football knowledge. A big step to having a great NFL betting season is managing your money. While it is less glamorous and exciting to say, bankroll management is ultimately what separates the few who make profits from the many that lose big money when betting on NFL football.

Betting on NFL football should be done realistically. The only guys who make a living at NFL betting do it by grinding out wins at around a fifty-six-percent clip. In other words, NFL betting is just like a daily job. If you are thinking that it’s a way to get rich in a few weeks you are better off playing the lottery.

Let’s look at a simplified example to illustrate. Let’s say we have an opening NFL bankroll of $17,000, which would account for each week of the regular season when betting on NFL football. This is a high amount, but works for illustration. A smart bankroll management plan would be to allocate no more than $1000 per week for betting on NFL football. This is an excellent way to discipline yourself and prevent you from going on tilt and going bankrupt in just one bad week.

From there you take the $1000 for your NFL betting weekend of action and split it up roughly into segments. You might use $500 for the early games, $300 for the late games and $200 for Monday night. Now you can add more or subtract some depending upon your plays, but that is a general idea as you are betting on NFL football. A money management plan is really needed if you want to win money betting on NFL football. Let’s say that season bankroll was $1700. You could do the same thing and allocate $170 for each week as you are betting on NFL football. This way, if you have a bad week you can recover the next week as you are betting on NFL football. Money management is not to be ignored if you want to have success betting on NFL football.

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