Picking Winners versus Football Odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

You are going to suffer bad beats when betting football odds. There is no getting out of it and nobody outsmarts this fact in college and NFL betting odds.

Football odds are on the board to entice gamblers to pick winners. The battle to pick winners versus college and NFL betting odds is a tough one and you need to realize a few things if you want to win it. Football odds are easy to bet but not always easy to win against. The reality of football gambling is that you have tough opponents to overcome and master. The first is the football odds makers, who are master craftsmen of their field and deserving of complete respect. The second opponent, however, is often even tougher for a gambler to overcome, and that opponent would be himself.

Preparation, discipline, and a long term mindset/approach are all football gambling requirements for the handicapper looking to succeed and make a profit versus football odds. Preparation for the battle against football odds has as much to do with a gambler’s mindset as it does studying teams and games. A gambler must ready his mind and emotions to the inevitable facts of betting football odds. First, a great season is fifty-eight percent winners against the football odds. A good season is fifty-six percent. A season with a sixty-percent success rate is the year of a lifetime versus college and NFL odds. This means that you must get the seventy, eighty, and ninety-percent dreams out of your head. It’s not going to happen versus football odds.

You cannot outsmart bad calls, missed kicks, bad breaks, and miracle finishes in football odds. You will win some and lose many more but how you react to this is what separates winners from losers when betting football odds.

A long term approach is the only way to succeed when betting football odds. That means you must keep your emotions in check when you suffer those bad beats versus college and NFL betting odds. Instead of getting mad and going on tilt after a bad beat or bad day, a long term thinking gambler will maintain his vision and be able to save money that otherwise would have been lost.

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