Picking the Winner vs. the Super Bowl Betting Line

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Super Bowl betting line odds have the New England Patriots a 12 point favorite against the New York Giants with a total of 53.5.

Can you pick the winner of this year’s Super Bowl?  We are not talking about which team will cover the spread, just which team will win.

Super Bowl betting line odds include the side, the total, the money line and the various proposition bets.  One wager that will not get a lot of attention on the Super Bowl betting line is the money line.  Any attention it gets will probably come from people betting on the Giants.  But is that a good idea?  If you think the Patriots are going to win the game then why bet the Giants on the money line?  Looking back at the history of the Super Bowl betting line we see that the winner of the game usually covers the spread as well. If you liked the Giants then betting the money line would make sense but what if you like New England to win.  12 points is a high Super Bowl betting line.  Normally you could count on a team winning and covering but the Patriots have not done that lately and they have a history of winning in the Super Bowl and not covering.  They have won three Super Bowls and each time the favorite in the game did not cover the spread.  The Patriots won Super Bowl XXXVI against the Rams but where huge underdogs.  They won Super Bowl XXXVIII against Carolina but didn’t cover the Super Bowl betting line and they failed to cover the following year when they won against Philadelphia. 

Rarely will you get a lot of value on a money line favorite but that may be the case with this Super Bowl betting line.  Super Bowl betting line odds on the money line almost always go down.  Bettors like taking a shot with the underdog, so that means the Super Bowl betting line odds on the favorite come down.  Do you know what the Super Bowl betting line odds should be on New England winning the game straight up?  The money line should have New England at -750 or even -800 or more.  You should be able to find the money line odds on New England at -500 or less.  This is because bettors love the underdog on the Super Bowl betting line when it comes to the money line.  The value in this case is on New England.  How often can you say that in NFL betting?

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