Picking NFL Betting Winners

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting winners can be selected against the side or the total when NFL football betting times comes back around.

In NFL betting, some pro football bettors can routinely pick three out of every five bets correctly and occasionally do even better than that but these same bettors still lose money. The reason they don’t win money at NFL football betting even though they can pick winners is that they can’t control themselves.

NFL betting gamblers that pick winners, but still lose money, do so because they are undisciplined. It isn’t enough that they can pick winners, they need the natural high of having “action.” These NFL football betting gamblers are virtual thrill seekers that are in it for the drama and tension more than a vision of winning and making money. They therefore will bet wildly different amounts on games with no rhyme or reason and actually can go 4-1 on an NFL betting Sunday and have to settle for breaking even or even losing money because the “one” was the big one that blew up in their face. Yes, NFL betting gamblers do go 4-1 and make no money; it happens every week.

Another simple reason that winners make themselves losers in NFL betting is pure greed. If they have a hot hand during the early games they will often let it all ride as they begin thinking emotionally and irrationally that “this is my day” and go for the kill, ignoring the laws of averages in NFL betting. They then take a 2-0 start, end up 2-2 and with a bankroll that reads as if they went 0-2 in NFL betting!

Yet another reason that winners make themselves losers is blind ignorance, if not arrogance in NFL football betting. These gamblers incorrectly believe that picking the winners is the key in NFL betting, rather than money management of a gambling bankroll. This is the intellectual equivalent of people who would argue that pitching means nothing in baseball and goaltending means nothing in hockey. These players have it all backwards in NFL betting. Money management is the most important of all aspects of NFL football betting, including picking winners.

In order to win money at NFL betting you must have a realistic and mature mindset that comprehends the difficulty at beating the NFL betting oddsmakers.

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