Pro Football Gambling: Picking a Super Bowl Cinderella

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Pro football gambling fans often spend the whole season wondering which team will emerge as the year’s Cinderella squad that shocks the pro football gambling world by earning a surprise trip to the Super Bowl.

Correctly finding this team can benefit your football gambling online, helping your pro football gambling on both sides and futures. Fortunately, there are several characteristics that define Super Bowl Cinderella teams, making it possible to make correct pro football gambling predictions.

Pro football gambling fans who attempt to identify the year’s Cinderella squad at the very beginning of the season will have a hard time. It isn’t difficult to predict which teams will be very good during regular season pro football gambling, but predicting which teams will struggle in the regular season and then thrive in the playoffs is hard to do early in the year. Pro football gambling enthusiasts should just enjoy football gambling online early in the season and strive to learn as much about each team as possible. It’s only once the pro football gambling playoff chase really begins, such as during Week 12, that the possible Cinderella teams emerge.

Cinderella teams are those that have attracted a decent amount of football gambling online attention throughout the year without ever being mentioned among the elite. It is a necessity that Cinderella teams be good on the road, because the teams will inevitably face numerous road playoff games. Therefore, if a team only offers pro football gambling value at home then you can forget them. Additionally, Cinderella squads tend to have very strong defenses because defense is extremely important in the playoffs when teams must face the strongest offenses in the league. Many pro football gambling veterans even claim that defenses win championships. Cinderella teams also need a very balanced attack, because an offense that is either too focused on the run or the pass will end up faltering somewhere in the playoffs against tough defenses.

Cinderella teams are often the teams that have provided the most football gambling online value in the final weeks of the pro football gambling regular season. This is because these teams enter the playoffs on a strong run, and to do so the team will have played well in many of its final pro football gambling matchups of the regular season.

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