Parlaying Super Bowl Odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Super Bowl odds offer bettors the chance to bet a parlay.

They can bet the traditional side and over parlay in Super Bowl betting. Some professional gamblers won’t play parlays because the Super Bowl odds are not in their favor, but other people will take a shot. It is all a matter of perspective when it comes to the Super Bowl odds.

Super Bowl odds offer gamblers the choice of betting the favorite and the over, the favorite and the under, the underdog and the over or the underdog and the under. Can you guess which one is the most popular in terms of Super Bowl odds? Yes, it is the favorite and the over. Another option that most people don’t consider is parlaying the money line with the total. This gives you the chance to make a nice score if you happen to hit the underdog in the Super Bowl and the total. When you look at Super Bowl odds and consider a parlay there are some things to remember. With a Super Bowl betting parlay you can only bet a two teamer. This is good news because most of the time people put too many teams on their parlay. Gamblers want to put 4, 5, 6 or more teams on the parlay. This is not the case with a Super Bowl betting parlay. The thing to remember about Super Bowl betting parlays is that if you are a good handicapper they can give you another way to make money. You may also be able to parlay proposition bets in Super Bowl odds. This depends upon the sportsbook since some will not allow it. If you are able to parlay proposition wagers in Super Bowl odds you may find even more chances to make money. Take a look at the different options offered at the sportsbook and consider parlaying some of these things together.

Take a look at betting a parlay this season as you look at Super Bowl odds. You may want to go against the public in Super Bowl odds and bet the underdog and the under. Keep in mind though that in Super Bowl history the favorite and the over have been decent bets throughout the years on the Super Bowl odds board.

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