Parlay Football Odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football odds and Parlays are popular among gamblers because you can win a lot with a little risk versus odds football.

Football odds have basic payoffs on parlays. A 2-team parlays pays about 2.6-1 in football odds. A 3-team parlay pays 6-1 in odds football. A 4-team parlay pays 12-1 in football odds. A 5-team parlay pays about 24-1 in football odds. The odds football go even higher as a 6-teamer pays about 47-1, a 7 teamer 91-1, an 8 teamer 175-1, a 9 teamer 335-1 and a 10 teamer about 642-1 in football odds.

With such huge potential payoffs, the attraction of parlays in football odds is understandable. Just as explainable though is why the vast majority of parlays lose. To most gamblers, a football odds parlay is no different than a lottery or Power Ball ticket in which they pick a bunch of different numbers off the board and hope that lightning strikes. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

A smart gambler that plays football odds on parlays can pick and choose his games. Instead of picking from just 12 games on a pro football Sunday afternoon, why not also include all of the college games as well. Then all of a sudden you have built your pool of teams significantly, which means that you have increased the likelihood of finding the best possible values on the football odds board. For example, every football game has four wagering options in odds football; favorite, dog, over, or under. So if you combine the 45 or so college games with the 14 or so pro games you have around 60 games each week. Multiply that by the four football betting options on each game and you have 240 potential picks for your parlay in odds football. All of a sudden, you have built strength with those numbers as you are far more likely to find four or five top picks out of a pool of 240 possibilities than just 48. This is a great way to increase your chances of hitting a parlay in football odds.

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