Parlay and Teaser Football Lines

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Many gamblers will start their on football lines with the Thursday, Saturday and Sunday NFL football lines and conclude with Monday Night Football.

Football lines are great to bet with parlays and teasers. Gamblers with small budgets love parlays and teasers in college and NFL football lines because, for just a few dollars wagered, they can win big money. Football lines in terms of parlays are extremely popular in college and NFL football lines.

A parlay is simply a single bet that is comprised of between two to ten individual selections that all must win for the wager to win versus the football lines. You can combine college and pro football sides and totals from the football lines board for parlays.

A teaser is similar except to the parlay except that the football lines are adjusted to favor the gambler by six to seven points. For example, if a team is a +4 dog on the regular football lines, (which are used for parlays), they would be a +10 dog on the teaser card with the six point choice. The trade off for that extra payoff in football lines is a smaller payout structure. In most cases you can combine the pro and college side and total football lines on a teaser.

Football lines payoff well for parlays and teasers. The payoffs in parlays range from 2.6-1 for a two teamer to more than 640-1 for a 10 teamer.

Teaser odds are much lower in football lines as they range from even money on a two teamer to 7-1 on an 8 teamer. It is a good idea when betting parlays and teasers versus the football lines to choose from among as many games as possible. This means combining college and pro games on your parlays or teasers. This is a great way to stay in action, assuming you win of course, for the cost of a single wager versus the college or NFL football lines.

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