Options for Betting on NFL Football

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Propositions are available on some marquee games as you are betting on NFL football. These get very popular for the NFL betting on the Super Bowl.

Betting on NFL football gives you a number of great options. You have sides, totals, money lines, parlays, futures and even propositions in NFL betting. Let’s look at some of the options for betting on NFL football.

Betting on NFL football begins with pointspreads. This is where a gambler will take the favorite at minus points or the underdog at plus points when betting on NFL football. Another option is known as over/unders or totals in NFL betting. You are betting on whether or not a game will go over or under the posted total. The two teams combined points make up the final total.

The money line is yet another option for a gambler that wants to pick a winner betting on NFL football. Instead of the NFL betting pointspread, the gambler will either lay odds on the favorite or take odds on the underdog, with no pointspread factored in. This is eliminates the pointspread and only requires you to pick the winner of the game when betting on NFL football. Keep in mind that you will lay money with the favorite on the money line and get money on the underdog when betting on NFL football money lines.

First half and halftime wagering are also options to consider when betting on NFL football action. This is where a gambler wagers on simply the first half result only, with the second half having no relevance or the second half, also known as halftime wagering, where gamblers wager on the second half outcome only, with the first half having no relevance to the wager.

Parlays and teasers are highly popular forms of NFL betting in which a gambler groups anywhere from two to ten picks together into one bet, with all of his picks having to win for the wager to payoff at big odds. The difference between a parlay and teaser is that parlays have the normal pointspread with enhanced payouts while teasers have extra points added to the spread but at lower payouts for gamblers betting on NFL football. Futures are another way to get involved betting on NFL football. They range from odds on a team winning the Super Bowl to the amount of wins a team gets during the season.

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