Online NFL Betting Winners

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Online NFL betting winners have a lot of things in common. The people that make money at NFL betting do the same things over and over again. What sets them apart?

Online NFL betting winners are few and far between, yet they are out there and do exist. What sets them apart from the public that blows money each week in online NFL betting? The first characteristic of a successful online NFL betting pro is that he has a sense of purpose. The purpose of the online NFL betting pro is to win and make a living, to beat the sportsbook out of money, not to play every game on the board.

Next, the online NFL betting professional is highly disciplined. It is likely that most NFL betting pros were once big time losers. The difference between them and the masses, however, is that the professionals learned from their mistakes and were highly focused on success and making a living at NFL betting, and therefore rarely made the same mistake twice. Experience is a huge key in life and that applies to sports gambling as well.

The successful online NFL betting pro has an incredible amount of vision and focus. He never takes his eye off the ultimate prize and, as a result, has learned how to handle losing and all of the bad breaks and bad beats that are an unavoidable part of online NFL betting. The successful pro sets specific goals, both short term and long term that he is habitually trying to reach. By keeping his eye on the larger target the successful pro avoids chasing losses and going on “tilt,” during tough times, which keeps him alive and in the game during better times and opportunities.

Ultimately, the successful online NFL betting pro has trained himself to think like an oddsmaker rather than a sports gambler. He learned through his own losses and mistakes that there is no value in marching with the crowd and that sportsbooks are not in business because the masses are usually correct in their sports gambling assessments.

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