Online NFL Betting on Teams Following a Bye Week

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Online NFL betting analyses must accommodate a range of factors that may influence how one should bet on football.

Online NFL betting enthusiasts must always consider the importance of bye weeks as the gamblers bet on football. Bye weeks greatly impact online NFL betting by granting teams extra time to relax, nurse injuries, and prepare for their next opponents. Therefore, as you bet on football you should not underestimate the importance of bye weeks.

Bye weeks are fairly interesting online NFL betting factors to consider because they impact the online NFL betting board in most weeks of the regular season, but each team only enjoys a bye week one time. A bye week can be hugely beneficial to an NFL team, particularly if it takes place fairly late in the season when many players are nursing minor injuries.

Online football betting veterans know that late in the season every player on the field is banged up, so having an extra week to recuperate from small injuries can be a huge advantage. In fact, simply enjoying a few days of rest and being able to focus on something other than football allows players to refocus better than ever once the bye week is complete. Finally, teams spend countless hours preparing for each opponent they will face, and a bye week allows a team to spend twice as much time as its opponent to prepare for a given online NFL betting match up.

The numerous advantages enjoyed by teams following a bye week are clearly significant and should not be overlooked as you analyze the online NFL betting odds and bet on football. The online NFL betting odds are naturally shifted to accommodate bye weeks, yet this shift is sometimes not dramatic enough. When the team coming off of its bye week is not very good then many online NFL betting fans fail to have confidence that the team can play well, even after its bye week. However, underdogs coming off of bye weeks can sometimes provide excellent online NFL betting value. Such teams are in a perfect position to defy the expectations established in the online NFL betting spreads. Furthermore, if the team coming off of its bye week is playing at home then those two combined benefits can give the team a tremendous advantage over its opposition. Therefore, if you see an underdog that is playing at home and coming off of its bye week then you should recognize that the team may play well above expectations and provide excellent online NFL betting value.

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