Online NFL Betting on First Halves

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Online NFL betting on halves offers the opportunity to wager on a small portion of a game, which is attractive to some gamblers as they bet on football.

Online NFL betting on first halves provides a unique way to bet on football that only a small percentage of online NFL betting fans take advantage of. Some online NFL betting enthusiasts actually feel as though it can be easier to bet on football on the first half than it is to bet on football for an entire game. When analyzing the online NFL betting odds for first halves it is simply important to consider some handicapping factors that may be ignored when you are online NFL betting on whole games.

When one chooses to bet on football on the second half one can do so after evaluating how each team performed in the first half. Nevertheless, online NFL betting on first halves is much different than online NFL betting on second halves. Online NFL betting on first halves does not give bettors the opportunity to have just watched the two teams perform. However, it also does not allow the teams to adapt to each other in the second half. Therefore, online NFL betting on first halves is focused on how teams begin games, not how they adapt and finish games.

Because online NFL betting on first halves is only focused on how games begin, your handicapping of first half lines should focus on how well teams play early in games. Some teams are particularly adept at starting strong, while other teams are especially skilled at making halftime adjustments and playing well at the end. Obviously, first half online NFL betting should be focused on the teams that are best at beginning games well. By looking at recent box scores and comparing teams’ first and second half performances you will likely be able to determine which teams play particularly well in the first half. Oftentimes, online NFL betting fans who wager on first halves like to wager on home teams because such teams are able to feed off of the crowd’s energy when a game begins. On the other hand, fist half online NFL betting on teams coming off of a bye can be very risky, even though online NFL betting analysts often like to wager on teams after their bye weeks. However, many teams are rusty in the first half after coming off of a bye week, thereby offering little online NFL betting value in the first half even if they do offer online NFL betting value when considering the entire game.

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