Online American Football Betting on Backup Quarterbacks

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Online American football betting truly commences with betting football futures before the preseason has even begun.

Many online American football betting enthusiasts place future bets on odds regarding a team’s ability to win a certain quantity of games or win its division. When betting football in this way it is important to consider the ability of teams’ backup quarterbacks, which are players that many online American football betting fans tend to overlook.

Online American football betting veterans know that being a quarterback in the NFL is a very dangerous job. By the end of any given online American football betting season a surprisingly high percentage of starting quarterbacks have missed at least one full game due to injury and many have missed numerous online American football betting match ups. These injuries have a major impact on betting football because quarterbacks are obviously extremely important. The online American football betting odds for a team playing with its backup quarterback tend to be far different than the odds would be if the starting quarterback were playing. When you are betting football on single games you should know beforehand which quarterback will be starting, meaning you can handicap the online American football betting odds accordingly. However, when betting football futures at the beginning of a season you have no way of knowing how many games a team’s starting quarterback will miss due to injury.

Because so many quarterbacks suffer injuries and quarterbacks are so important for futures bets, it is wise to consider the abilities of a team’s backup quarterback before supporting the team with a futures bet. This online American football betting factor is obviously more important for teams with injury prone quarterbacks. A small number of quarterbacks are extremely durable and virtually never miss any games, but these quarterbacks are the minority. If a team’s backup quarterback is so lousy that you cannot imagine the team winning any online American football betting match ups with him on the field, then that may mean you need to reconsider futures bet on the team. Even if the backup quarterback only plays three games, if the team loses all three of those online American football betting contests then they will likely have a very difficult time covering the futures odds you had wagered on. Nevertheless, some teams have very competent backups that are able to take over from the starter without the team missing a beat. Teams with such quarterback depth can often provide less risk in the futures odds because your online American football betting success is not so dependent on the starting quarterback’s health.

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