NFL Betting Odds – Eagles are Kolb’s Team Now

December 1st, 2010 NFL Football

When you bet on the Eagles vs. the NFL betting odds this season at Sbg your results will be based largely on the play of Philadelphia quarterback Kevin Kolb.

Donovan McNabb is in Washington now so the Eagles are Kolb’s team and they are going to win or lose the NFL odds based on how he plays.

NFL betting odds do not favor the Eagles in the NFC East. They are listed behind both the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants.  What has really changed though with the Eagles other than their starting quarterback?

Eagles Could be Better with Kolb:  What did McNabb really do for the Eagles?  Did they win a Super Bowl?  Did they fail year after year in the NFC title game?

McNabb had his chance with the Eagles and although he won a lot of regular season games, the Eagles did not win a Super Bowl with him and they failed many times in the NFC Championship.  Odds makers may not be giving Philadelphia enough respect this season.  Kolb could end up being better than McNabb not only this year but in the future.

Kolb is Prepared:  The Eagles took Kolb in the 2007 draft so he is not a fresh faced rookie.  He knows what it takes to get the job done.  Kolb is not going to run around like McNabb did but he is also unlikely to make as many mistakes.

He is very accurate and spreads the ball all over the field. In his last two starts a year ago, seven receivers caught at least one pass. Kolb sat on the bench for three seasons behind McNabb and learned a lot.

When he got a chance to play last season he looked very good.  Now he gets the job full time.  Last season Kolb threw for more than 300 yards in his first two starts. He is the first player in NFL history to have done that.

Eagles 20-1 to win the Super Bowl:  Is it too much to expect the Eagles to win the Super Bowl this season?  Perhaps.  The Eagles have the potential to be a lot better than people expect though.

They have a win total of 8 this season which means they just need to have a winning season to go over the total.  That might be a very good bet, especially if Kolb has a great season.

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