NFL – Regular Season Week 1 – Game Predictions

December 6th, 2019 NFL Football

With the NFL 2015-16 Regular Season ready to begin this Sunday the 13th of September 2015 we take shot at make some predictions on games for Sunday of Week 1 for those that Bet on NFL at SBG or related sites.

We start with the Packers of Green Bay playing the Bears of Chicago with kick-off at 1 PM ET and with the Packers the early favorites at -6.5 -115 with O/U at 49. This is a game where the Packer QB Rodgers the NFL MVP remains with the strong roster to succeed in 2015. Remember QB Rodgers passed for over 310 yards and 3 TD’s in each of the last 3 games in Chicago. That plus the fact they are 9-1 in their ultimate 10 games when playing the Bears of Chicago. The Prediction is that the Packers will cover the spread and beat the Bears 38-20 for their 1st win of the season.

Next we have the Chiefs of Kansas City playing at the Texans of Houston with the game also scheduled at 1 PM ET. The Chiefs are favored at -1 and O/U is 41. Fans must remember the Texans have a great defense, but offensively their lacking and their QB Hoyer is mediocre to say the best. Whereas the Chiefs QB Smith isn’t that great, but the team has some explosive and their roster entails enough weaponry to win away games. The prediction is that the game is expected to be close but the Chiefs win 20-18 and cover the spread.

Then another 1 PM ET game is the Browns of Cleveland playing the Jets of New York with the Jets the early favorites at -3 -125 with O/U at 40. The Jets QB Fitzpatrick has a lot to prove this season, while the Browns QB McCown is struggling to remain the starter at Cleveland. This is a NFL game where the Jets running game and defense will prevail and with the Jets playing at home, the prediction is the Jets cover the spread and beat the Browns 23-17 for an unexpected win.

Continuing with the 1 PM ET NFL games the Colts of Indianapolis are playing the Bills of Buffalo with the early favorites being the Colts at -2 ½ -115 with the O/U at 45. The offense of Buffalo is questionable, but their defense is very good. Their starting QB T. Taylor is questionable, with a so-so offensive line. On the other side the Colts offensive line also leaves something to be desired, but QB A. Luck and the offense have the tools to beat the Bills of Buffalo. We predict the Colts cover the spread and beat the Bills 21-14 in this 1st game of the NFL season for both teams.

With another 1 PM ET game we see the Dolphins of Miami playing at the Redskins of Washington with Miami the early favorite at -3 -120 and the Ov/Un at 43 ½. The preseason did no favors for the Redskins offensive line, and we wonder with the defensive front of Miami that has Suh, Wake and Vernon, how bad they can beat the Redskin line. That and the Redskins QB Cousins has show to be subject to turnovers. Thus the prediction is that the Dolphins with season QB Tannehill will scalp the Skins 35-17 and cover the spread.

At 1 PM ET another game, with the Panthers of Carolina playing at the Jaguars of Jacksonville and the Panthers are favored at -3 -115 with the Ov/Un at 41. With the Panthers star RB Benjamin out, it seem difficult for them to beat the Jags at home. The Jaguar defense played well in 2014, and is expected to be better this season. They have a good NFL offensive line to accompany their QB B. Bortles, who is expected to put points on the scoreboard, and beat Carolina in a close game that the Jags win 24-21.

The last 1PM ET game brings us the Seahawks of Seattle playing at the Rams of St. Louis with the favorite being Seattle at -4 with Ov/Un at 40 ½. Here the Rams QB Foles will be lucky to survive the defensive rush of the Seahawks front 7. But the improved offense should put points on the board, since Seattle in their ultimate 20 games with the Rams have 17 wins and 3 losses. The prediction is that Seattle covers the spread and beats the Rams with the score of Seattle 30 and St. Louis 20.

The come the 4 PM ET game with the 1st being the Saints of New Orleans playing at the Cardinals of Arizona with the Cardinals favored at -2 with the Ov/Un at 48 ½. Since the Cardinals OL roster presently diminished QB Palmer could have problems with their passing game, and that would make it tough for the Cardinals to stay with the explosive offense of New Orleans led by QB D. Brees. Prediction is that this will be a close game with the Saints winning on the road 28-24 for their 1st season victory.

Another 4 PM ET game is the Lions of Detroit playing at the Chargers of San Diego and the Chargers are early favorites at -3 -105 and the Ov/Un at 46. The defense of the Lions which ranked 1st in 2014 has been dismantled and now they struggle with the departing of DL Suh. On the other side the Chargers are expected to have an improved running game with new RB in M. Gordon, and the OL revamped that will give QB Rivers more passing time in the pocket, against a defensive secondary of the Lions that is questionable. The Chargers easily handle the Lions in their home game with the final score predicted to be San Diego 31 and Detroit 17 in this their game 1.

Also at 4:30 PM ET the Titans of Tennessee travel to play the Buccaneers of Tampa with Tampa favorites at -2 ½ -125 with Ov/Un at 41. Both teams coming into this game appear to be matched evenly, and last season the both had 2-14 records, and they both have starting rookie QB’s who were Heisman winners. They say TB QB Winston make decisions that result in turnovers, while Titans QB Mariota protects the ball, and that puts the game in favor for Tennessee. This is expected to be a very close contested game with the Titans upsetting the Buccaneers at home 24-21.

Another 4:30 PM ET game between the Bengals of Cincinnati playing at the Raiders of Oakland, and the Bengals the favorites at -2 ½ -125 with the Ov/Un at 43. In 2014 the Raiders had a decent defense against the run, but with the Bengal explosive run offense that may not be enough. That plus the Bengals return WR A. Green which gives them yet another weapon going up against a questionable secondary of Oakland. We predict the Bengals will beat the Raiders by doubling their score at 28-14 while covering the spread.

Then the last 4:30 PM ET game brings you the Ravens of Baltimore playing at the Mile High Broncos of Denver with the Broncos favored at -4 ½ with the Ov/Un at 48. Yes the Ravens are a team that schematically they play to keep the game close, when playing teams like Denver. Offensively the Broncos can use the clock to their advantage, and their defense can slow down the Broncos run, but not sure how the Ravens defense will handle the Broncos QB Manning and their passing game. This will be a close game with the Broncos getting the win 27 to 24 but the Ravens cover.

Finally we have the 8:30 PM ET Sunday Night Football game between the Giants of New York and the Cowboys of Dallas with Dallas the favorite -6 -115 with the Ov/Un at 51. The Cowboys running game is questionable, but their passing game can still give the Giants defensive problems. In the last 2 games with the Giants, Dallas QB Romo had 7 TD’s passing, and in the ultimate 6 games against the Giants the Boys are with 5 wins and 1 loss. The prediction is the Cowboys will run over the Giants with the final score 31-21 giving the Cowboys their 1st win of the season.

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