NFL Preseason Week 3 Odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL preseason Week 3 odds involve a range of thrilling match ups that will attract the attention of all gamblers handicapping NFL preseason odds

By the time NFL preseason Week 3 odds are being handicapped, gamblers should have an idea of the potential for each team to cover its NFL preseason odds. Nevertheless, as you handicap the NFL preseason Week 3 odds, it is necessary to remember that surprises will occur in every week of the NFL preseason.

NFL preseason Week 3 odds feature a classic match up between the Dallas Cowboys and the Houston Texans. These two Texas squads will likely be willing to play hard for the pride of beating another Texan team. In other words, when handicapping the NFL preseason Week 3 odds you should consider the possibility that these teams’ starters will play more time than those playing in other games featured in NFL preseason Week 3 odds. Nevertheless, after two seasons of excellent beginnings and lackluster finishes, the Cowboys may feel the need to take it easy during the first part of the season in 2008.

A second entertaining match up included in the NFL preseason Week 3 odds involves the Jaguars and Buccaneers. These are two of the most physical teams in the league, meaning this game featured in the NFL preseason Week 3 odds could quickly get rough. Both teams were fairly successful last season, so their NFL preseason odds likely will reflect the newborn optimism surrounding both squads. Nevertheless, the NFL preseason odds for this match up will probably be close to a pick ‘em, as both squads are approaching 2008 with similar potential.

A third attractive match up that will be featured on the board of NFL preseason Week 3 odds is the game between the Eagles and Patriots. These two teams have a long, competitive history against one another, including a Super Bowl that the Patriots won several years ago. Last year, the Eagles, led by backup quarterback A.J. Feeley, nearly beat the Patriots in the regular season. Feeley will likely play a large percentage of this preseason game against the Pats, and may be looking for revenge. Therefore, as you handicap the NFL preseason Week 3 odds, you must consider the possibility that Feeley will perform well beyond most people’s expectations for him and possibly even determine the outcome of this game’s NFL preseason Week 3 odds. A second Eagles factor to consider in the NFL preseason Week 3 odds is Asante Samuel, who left the Patriots for the Eagles in the offseason, and may look to have a memorable game against his old team.

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