NFL Preseason Football Betting

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Don’t ignore NFL football betting preseason, because it can set up your NFL betting online bankroll for the rest of the year.

Football betting during the preseason is not as popular as regular season NFL action but it does have its place, especially with the professional gamblers. Don’t automatically throw out preseason football betting. The advantages to NFL betting online during the preseason are many.

Football betting during the preseason gives you a chance to get more information than the sportsbook.  You can bet into weaker lines and have better situations to bet into than during the regular season.  Finding out starting quarterbacks and their playing time is a big key in NFL preseason football, and that information can be found out before the sportsbook gets it.  Newspapers and the team’s web site give out great information for the upcoming game. This is a huge advantage for the gambler because the bettor can get it first, and that makes all the difference.

Another big advantage to NFL betting online during the preseason is the weaker lines. Since you can get information before the sportsbook, it is possible to gain an advantage and bet into a weak football betting line.  Very often in the NFL preseason you will see motivational spots for teams. When you have a team that is really focusing on the game against a team that is resting its regulars you have a great bet in football betting.  Taking the more motivated team is a big edge you can get over the sportsbook in preseason football betting.

NFL betting online preseason action is something that many people miss out on.  Many people don’t get involved in preseason NFL betting online because they feel like it is too much of an unknown and has no real meaning.  That is fallacy.  It can be the one time of the year when you know something more than the football betting sportsbook.  In football betting we look for an edge against the sportsbook wherever we can find it.  Betting the NFL preseason at sportsbooks gives you some of the best edges you will find in any sport. Get the information first and start winning at football betting.

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