NFL Preseason Betting TV Games

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

The 2008 NFL preseason schedule has a total of 15 nationally televised for NFL betting fans, including a Super Bowl rematch Aug. 20th on ESPN as Chicago is at Indianapolis.

That will be the first home game for the Colts since winning the Super Bowl. The 2007 NFL preseason betting schedule begins for NFL betting fans with New Orleans taking on Pittsburgh in the annual Hall of Fame game at Canton, Ohio on Sunday.  The game is being televised by the NFL Network.  The good news for NFL preseason betting fans is that every team that made the playoffs last season will be on national TV during the preseason.

Week #1 of the NFL preseason betting which begins on August 9th has a total of five national TV games for NFL preseason betting fans.  Indianapolis is at Dallas on FOX, Buffalo at New Orleans on CBS, Washington at Tennessee on NFL Network, Seattle at San Diego on NBC and Denver at San Francisco on ESPN.  The 2nd week of the NFL betting preseason covers games from August 16th to August 20th.  There are five nationally televised games in week #2 of the preseason for NFL betting fans to consider.  Miami at Kansas City is on ESPN, Minnesota at New York Jets on FOX, San Diego at St. Louis on CBS, New York Giants at Baltimore on NBC and Chicago at Indianapolis on ESPN.

The third week of the NFL preseason has games from August 23rd to August 27th.  There are four nationally televised games for NFL preseason betting fans.  They are Jacksonville at Green Bay on FOX, New England at Carolina on CBS, Philadelphia at Pittsburgh on NBC and Cincinnati at Atlanta on ESPN.

The fourth and final week of the NFL preseason has games from August 31st through September 2nd but traditionally there are few games that are nationally televised since the last week of the preseason is a time to protect players from getting hurt and teams play their starters sparingly.  It is also usually the first week of college football and NFL preseason action doesn’t get as much attention.  There are no nationally televised games the last week of the betting NFL preseason.

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