NFL Preseason betting tips

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL preseason tips can be invaluable for anyone looking to take on some NFL preseason betting lines.

Unfortunately, good tips for NFL preseason betting are few and far between. The problem is that no one really cares who wins these games and so it’s all but impossible to handicapper the NFL preseason betting. The people who make the NFL preseason betting lines have some of the toughest jobs in sports and it’s rare that you’ll see much of a spread on NFL preseason betting.

The problem with the NFL preseason betting games is that most generally don’t attach much importance to winning these contests. In the world of sports betting where the outcome is solely dependent on winning and losing and by what margin the NFL preseason betting lines present a very special challenge. But there are some exceptions to the NFL preseason betting rules and some constant patterns that NFL preseason betting fans can observe in order to improve their chances against the NFL preseason betting lines.

If you really want to indulge in some NFL preseason betting wait for the third week of the season. If a team chooses to take any NFL preseason betting game seriously it’s in week three. This is considered the dress rehearsal of the NFL preseason betting and it always contains the best competition as the team’s starters generally play for the first two quarters. That means that the quality of play is always best in week three of the NFL preseason betting action and there for the competition is not only better but easier to handicap given the known skill sets of the players in the NFL preseason betting contest.

Also, look for teams with new coaches to try and make their mark in the NFL preseason betting action. No rookie coach will admit to it, but all new coaches want to get off on a winning foot and place more importance on the NFL preseason betting action than a tenured and established coach would. So whenever you see a rookie head coach in an NFL preseason betting match up, odds are his team of scrubs will win.

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