NFL Preseason Betting Strategies

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting in the preseason is definitely interesting with many backups playing key roles in determining which team covers the NFL preseason betting point spreads.

There are a number of strategies for NFL betting preseason but the bottom line really is which quarterbacks play better and which team’s reserves out play the other. The keys to NFL betting and handicapping the preseason are to look at the coaching staff, quarterback rotations, situations for 0-2 teams and the talent of the backups.  When it comes to coaching you will have new coaches that want to win while veteran coaches want to see players.  That is a big factor in NFL betting during the preseason as you look at football betting lines.

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Also in football betting during the NFL preseason you will find teams that have started 0-2 straight up, and are returning home for the 3rd preseason game. These teams can be good NFL betting wagers in the third game.  The biggest factor in NFL betting during the preseason is the quarterback rotation. You want NFL betting wagers on teams with experienced veterans playing against a bunch of backups.

You might want to bet against teams playing rookie quarterbacks against the starters in your football betting. Rookie quarterbacks usually struggle in the preseason as they learn the ropes and can be good to go against in NFL betting in the preseason. In some preseason games starters will not be the most important factor as you look at NFL betting and consider the football betting pointspread

What you can look for in preseason NFL betting is situations in which one team has an advantage either in the quarterback rotation or starter’s playing time.  It is finding a team with a solid quarterback rotation against a team with poor backups that you really want to focus on in NFL betting during the preseason.  You also want to look for motivational edges where a team is coming off bad performances and wants to put together a good game to take the heat off.  Those are good football betting situations.

You will have many chances to find good NFL betting situations during the preseason.  Some people believe your best football betting options are found during NFL betting in the preseason.  Take the time to do the research and you may be surprised at how much money you win during the NFL preseason betting.

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