NFL Preseason Betting Predicts Regular Season Betting

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL preseason betting results can actually predict regular season betting results.

That might sound strange considering that most people believe NFL preseason odds at the sportsbook are meaningless but history shows they are not.  Here is a look at some important numbers to consider.

NFL preseason betting has seen some teams do very poorly in the preseason and then fail during the regular season.  In fact, teams that go winless in the preseason have had all kinds of trouble in the regular season.  Going back to 1989 we see that 35 teams finished winless and only two made the playoffs.  31 of the 35 teams missed the playoffs altogether and 21 of the 35 finished with a losing record.  NFL preseason betting results matter.  Teams that go winless in NFL preseason betting simply do not do well historically in the regular season.  New England last season was one of the few exceptions to that rule as they finished 11-5 after a winless preseason but they still didn’t make the playoffs.  The other bomb last season in the preseason was the Cleveland Browns and they flopped to a 4-12 record in the regular season.  The Browns were also coming off an excellent regular season the previous year so a slip was not a surprise.

What about teams that do great in NFL preseason betting?  How do they fare in the regular season?  During that same time period there have been 40 teams that went undefeated in NFL preseason betting and 23 of them finished with a winning record in the regular season.  Only 10 finished with a losing record while 7 teams finished at .500.  Three of those teams won the Super Bowl while two more of those teams were Super Bowl runner-ups.  Winning versus NFL preseason odds at the sportsbook can translate into winning versus the NFL betting odds in the regular season.  Keep in mind that exceptions do happen though in NFL preseason betting as last year the Detroit Lions went unbeaten in the preseason and then finished the regular season at 0-16.

Don’t ignore how a team does this season versus the NFL preseason odds.  Winning and losing versus the NFL preseason odds can be a good predictor of how a team will perform versus the NFL betting odds during the regular season.  Keep that fact in mind as you get ready to bet NFL action this season.

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