NFL Preseason Betting Philosophies

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL preseason betting for some online betting gamblers is exciting and profitable while for others it is something that is not done very much.

There really isn’t much middle ground when it comes to wagering on NFL preseason odds.

NFL preseason betting by some people is considered foolish while other people make a lot of money at it.  The overly conservative handicappers suggest that it’s a poor online sports betting opportunity, while the more informed online sports betting gambler wins money at NFL preseason betting. Handicapping NFL preseason odds is a unique discipline unto itself, but with knowledge and caution it can be a profitable endeavor.

The most compelling argument against NFL preseason betting is simply that the games don’t count. While there are spots during the regular season where teams may seem more or less motivated, in theory they all want to win. That’s not something that can be taken as a ‘given’ during NFL preseason betting, however, as the individual agendas of NFL coaching staffs can very greatly. Some might want to win games to establish a winning attitude while others might put a greater focus on working in a new offensive or defensive scheme. Others may prioritize evaluating talent at key positions, while others may simply want to make it through to the regular season without any significant injuries. With all of the uncertainty swirling around preseason football, handicapping wins and losses against the NFL preseason odds can be exceedingly difficult.

The NFL preseason betting enthusiast would suggest, however, that it is the uncertainty that characterizes these games that makes for such a strong wagering opportunity. For example, in an NFL preseason odds matchup between a championship level team and a losing team you often see strongly divergent approaches to the game. Successful teams have more to worry about in terms of player injuries while losing teams want to win right now. They may have new coaching staffs that players want to impress, new offensive or defensive schemes to implement. For a league doormat, a win over an elite level opponent can serve as a rare highlight of a losing season.  This is just one of many great NFL preseason betting situations that can be found.

Some online betting gamblers will avoid the preseason while others will dive right into it.  There is no right answer but history has shown that betting NFL preseason action can be profitable.

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