Beware of Coaches NFL Preseason Betting Line

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL preseason betting line handicapping should be undertaken with significant attention paid to the coaching staff of each team.

Coaches and coordinators can impact NFL preseason odds drastically because they approach the preseason with varying importance placed on winning, which naturally affects the NFL preseason betting line. However, you can usually be confident that new coaches and coordinators will struggle against the NFL preseason betting line.

NFL preseason betting lines handicapping should treat new coaches and coordinators with strict caution because new coaches often implement broad changes that take time for a team to adopt. This approach to the NFL preseason odds is only really relevant if the new coach or coordinator has a primary position, such as a head coach or offensive or defensive coordinator. However, when there is a change involving a very important coaching position, then it is imperative that you are very careful about handicapping the new coach’s NFL preseason betting line. Commonly, new coaches and coordinators will have wonderful impacts on their teams, with new coordinators regularly turning around struggling offenses and defenses. Yet this improvement usually occurs gradually and it typically will not be apparent by the time you are considering NFL preseason odds. In fact, the impact of a new coaching system can often be detrimental to the NFL preseason betting line at the very beginning, because so many players end up confused and out of place on the field. Additionally, with head coaches especially, new coaches are usually only brought in if the team is struggling, which is an indication that the team may have lots of room for improvement before it deserves much respect against the NFL preseason betting line.

Even though this strategy of handicapping an NFL preseason betting line can be very useful at times, it should be recognized that the impact of new coaches and coordinators on the NFL preseason betting line is not always the same. Sometimes, in fact, a new coach will bring a new energy to a struggling team that immediately has the squad invigorated, even by the time the first NFL preseason odds are released. Also, the arrival of new coaches and coordinators sometimes encourages players to exert significant effort in the preseason, thereby impacting the NFL preseason betting line, as the players strive to impress their new coaches. Therefore, each new coach and coordinator will have a unique impact on the NFL preseason betting line and must be treated separately, even though certain impacts on the NFL preseason betting line are relatively common trends.

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