NFL Preseason Betting Evaluate Traded Players

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL preseason betting provides gamblers with the first opportunity of the season to watch recently traded players or newly signed free agents in action with their new teams.

Such team changes play a major role in impacting the NFL preseason odds and therefore should be incorporated into your NFL preseason betting. With 2008 NFL preseason betting approaching, there are many important players who you will want to keep an eye on.

NFL preseason betting provides a wealth of information about traded players to the most astute gamblers. While some NFL preseason betting fans believe that a player will perform just as well with a new team as he did with an old team, the NFL preseason betting reality is often much different. Different teams have different offensive and defensive systems, strengths, and weaknesses. Consequently, players can either be greatly improved or hindered by a move to a new team. For proof, one only has to consider the transformation last season of Randy Moss from a disgruntled, useless Raider to a record-breaking Patriot. While such transformations may not be fully clear until several games of the regular season have been played, NFL preseason betting will provide you with an early look from which you can begin to predict such transformations.

One of the most interesting free agent signings of the 2008 offseason involved Michael Turner joining the Falcons. Turner was a highly coveted running back, yet it is unclear how much of an impact he will have on the NFL preseason odds. Even though Turner was able to shine in San Diego, he will have a much more difficult time finding holes to run through with the weak Atlanta offense. Consequently, as you enjoy NFL preseason betting, it will be best to treat the hype surrounding this trade with a healthy does of skepticism.

A similar approach in your NFL preseason betting should be taken with Asante Samuel, who was signed as a free agent by the Eagles after several years with the Patriots. Many gamblers handicapping NFL preseason odds will expect big plays and interceptions from Samuel. However, cornerbacks are impacted by the skill of the other players on their defense, and the Philadelphia defense does not match up with last year’s Patriots defense. Consequently, NFL preseason betting fans may find Samuel dealing with difficult coverage situations and not having the major impact he often had on games last season.

Another player who will be wearing a new jersey in 2008 and is worth paying attention to in NFL preseason betting is Isaac Bruce, who left St. Louis for San Francisco. Even though the 49ers offense is highly suspect, Bruce is returning from a season in which the Rams had one of the worst offenses in the league. Nevertheless, Bruce is a skilled veteran who may significantly impact the NFL preseason odds and should not be overlooked in your NFL preseason betting.

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