NFL Playoffs Lines Teasers

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL playoffs lines teasers are another way for gamblers to get involved in wagering on the NFL playoffs.

Although not as popular as the football betting parlay, the NFL playoffs lines teaser does get some play from gamblers around the world.

NFL playoffs lines teasers are a bet in which you can take a group of teams in a single bet, just as you would do in a parlay, except that now you get extra points with each team.  Usually in a NFL playoffs lines teaser you get six, six and a half, or seven points for each of your teams.  In return for getting more points for each of your teams you get worse odds than you would get on a parlay.

Let’s look at a couple of NFL playoffs lines teaser examples.  If you were betting an NFL teaser in NFL playoffs lines for the Wild Card round you might get Seattle +3.5, Tampa Bay at +3.5, Pittsburgh at +9.5, and San Diego -1.5.  In this case you have all four home teams in NFL playoffs lines at much better odds.  Usually the odds for a two team NFL playoffs teaser are going to have you risking $120 for each $100 you want to win.  You will get better odds the more teams you include in the teaser.  For a 6.5 point 3 team teaser you are looking at about +150.  A 4 teamer would be about +250 and then upwards as you include more teams.

You should be aware as you make your NFL playoffs lines teaser bet that some places allow ties to win while others do not.  You are probably going to run into more places that don’t because NFL playoffs lines teasers give you those extra points.  Some places will also treat the teaser like a parlay and if there is a tie move the NFL playoffs lines teaser down to the next level.

If you are considering NFL playoffs lines teasers then there is one thing that may help you.  You are best off in the NFL playoffs sticking to games that are expected to be close.  This gives your teasers the best value.

Betting football teasers in the NFL playoffs can definitely be exciting and while the payoffs are not as good as parlays at least you get the benefit of added points.

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