NFL playoffs football betting on rested playoff teams

December 1st, 2010 NFL Football

NFL playoffs football betting involves the evaluation of NFL playoffs betting factors that are not necessarily relevant during regular season NFL football betting

For instance, many teams that have already qualified for the NFL Playoffs decide to rest many of their starters at the end of the regular season and four teams also enjoy a bye during the first week of the Playoffs.  While some NFL playoffs football betting experts claim that such a break is extremely beneficial to the football players, other NFL playoffs football betting analysts claim that these breaks are actually counterproductive because they leave players ‘rusty’.

NFL playoffs football betting on teams that have enjoyed several weeks of rest is certainly one NFL playoffs betting debate that will never be fully resolved.  It becomes an issue in the NFL playoffs football betting world every single season and coaches can be criticized either for resting or not resting their starters.  One NFL football betting match up from last weekend in which this phenomenon was particularly relevant was the Giants-Bucs NFL betting game, which the Giants won 24-14.  NFL football betting enthusiasts knew that Bucs Coach Jon Gruden had given his team several weeks of rest after they had secured a Playoff spot, while the Giants unnecessarily played full-throttle in their meaningless match up against the Patriots in the final week of the regular season.  As we all now well know, the Giants dominated the Bucs in this NFL football betting match up, so this victory has provided further evidence to those NFL playoffs football betting analysts who advocate not letting starters rest during the final weeks of the season.  However, the situation is really not so clear cut, and these NFL playoffs football betting analysts must also acknowledge the fact that the Giants were actually outplayed during the first quarter of the game.  Furthermore, NFL playoffs betting experts can easily point to examples of players being injured in the final throes of the season.  For example, NFL playoffs football betting on the Giants next match up, which is against the Dallas Cowboys, is being impacted by an ankle injury sustained by Terrell Owens in Week 16 of the regular season.

The fact of the matter is that there is no right or wrong answer to this question and your NFL playoffs football betting should not necessarily favour one method over the other.  Any experienced NFL playoffs football betting enthusiast knows that it would be ridiculous to insinuate that giving battered players a chance to rejuvenate their bodies would not be beneficial, yet, these same NFL playoffs football betting enthusiasts would certainly also note the importance of entering a game with momentum.  Therefore, you must treat each situation independently in your NFL football handicapping.  This weekend, in the Divisional Playoff games, four underdogs coming off of victories last weekend will be playing the team’s top four teams, who have all enjoyed a bye week, so this NFL playoffs football betting factor will be as important as ever to recognize.

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