NFL Playoffs Betting Tips

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL playoffs betting for most gamblers will begin with looking at the betting lines and wagering on their favorite team.

If you want to win money during the football playoffs you need to do a little more than that.

NFL playoffs betting is not regular season NFL betting. The playoffs are different and that is the first tip to remember. What worked during the regular season may not work in NFL playoffs betting. You should also realize that if you can pick 56% winners then you should be happy with how you are doing. You will be overjoyed on one of those rare football playoffs seasons in which you can climb to 58% or even 60%. With that reality check at the front of our minds we next must develop a strategy that reflects how we want to approach NFL playoffs betting. First, you must make your pro football handicapping more than just looking at the betting line. Logging into an online sportsbook just a few minutes before kickoff and making your selections in NFL playoffs betting is too late in the process. Most gamblers bet by the seat of their pants and basically “wing it” and that is one of the biggest reasons why most gamblers are losers at NFL playoffs betting. Instead of betting game by game and making wagers in reaction to the immediate you must develop the ability to be forward thinking and anticipate what is going to occur rather than react to what has already happened, and that is how most people handicap in NFL playoffs betting. Looking at regular season results is virtually worthless in NFL playoffs betting.

Think of the NFL playoffs betting season as an entirely new season. Throw out the regular season and begin anew. Set goals for the football playoffs for yourself and don’t get too carried away by anything. Just because it is the football playoffs season does not mean you have to go and play every game on the board. Take the time to find your solid plays and play them strongly in NFL playoffs betting.

NFL playoffs betting involves different handicapping that throws out regular season play for the most part, considers home field advantage, the public factor and teams that may be destined to win. It is unlike regular season handicapping so keep that in mind.

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