NFL History Preseason Handicapping

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL history preseason handicapping is done differently than regular season handicapping.

Instead of looking at talent and trends you look at information when betting NFL preseason odds. NFL history preseason betting is a great time to make money. If you can find out information about the game before the NFL preseason odds maker, you can make money. And it is not difficult to do. The best type of information about NFL history preseason games is in regards to playing time and quarterback rotations.

Anytime you have an edge in either category you have a solid play in NFL history preseason action. Look for instances where you have a team playing starters into the third quarter against a team whose starters are just playing a quarter. That means for most of the game your team has an edge versus the NFL preseason odds. Also look at QB rotations and look to play on teams that have three or four quality QB’s against a team with maybe just one. Once the first couple of preseason games are played you can usually find some very strong plays in NFL history preseason action. Some teams are really going to focus and try and win certain games while others will not. That information can be found by reading the team’s hometown newspaper throughout the week before the NFL history preseason game. It gives you a huge edge when you know what the playing time will be for both teams and their QB rotations. Sometimes late in the NFL history preseason schedule a team will be focused on playing their starters three quarters or more while another team will be looking just to avoid major injuries. That is the time you can make a big play versus NFL preseason odds.

You can gain a big advantage betting NFL history preseason games. If you do the work and get the information about NFL history preseason games you can make money. Read the hometown newspapers for NFL history preseason games and you will profit from it. Nothing is guaranteed in life but the edges you can find in betting NFL history preseason action are real, and they do work. Hopefully you will take these tips and bet the NFL history preseason action this season.

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