NFL Games on iPhone

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Having an iPhone is actually not enough to watch the games though.

You need to also be a DirecTV subscriber and you need to have the NFL Sunday Ticket that includes the “SuperFan” subscription.

If you have the iPhone and the DirecTV subscriptions then you can watch the games over 3G and Wi-Fi. The NFL games are subject to local blackout restrictions but the ability to watch the games from your phone are a huge plus for iPhone users and for football betting gamblers. What should be remembered is that if you live in an NFL city you probably will be blacked out from watching your local team just as you are with DirecTV. Sports betting information tells us that the local CBS or Fox affiliate has those games and they are blacked out on DirecTV and the same thing would occur on the iPhone. For most people that is not an issue unless they live in an NFL city. Even then, a lot of people will want to watch other games anyway, especially if their local team is not having a great year.

If you have watched the NFL games on DirecTV you will already be aware that every game is broadcast except for the national games like ESPN’s Monday Night Football and NBC’s Sunday game. Online sports betting information shows that the SuperFan part of DirecTV is really something great too as you can follow a number of games on a single screen and watch them simultaneously. It is really a great way to watch NFL games, especially if you are a football betting gambler. There is nothing better than watching multiple games in which you have football betting action. The features available with the DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket package are great for NFL betting gamblers and they are also great for everyone who loves fantasy football as you can follow all of your players and your opponent’s players at the click of a button.

Football odds for the 2009 season should be very exciting and if you have the iPhone now you can watch the games from the palm of your hand. You can follow all of your football betting wagers in the NFL thanks to DirecTV and the iPhone.

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